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Gooey Louie

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The Sylvanian Families Cottontail Rabbit Family Set includes Aaron, Sorrel, Gromwell and Willow figures!
Aaron Cottontail is a down-to-earth and hardworking furniture maker, he is such a skilled craftsman; everybody in Sylvania can recognise his furniture, because each piece just looks like a work of art. Sorrel Cottontail is a practical mother and D.I.Y expert, who spends her spare time decorating the familys beautiful home.
Gromwell Cottontail is a very energetic boy who loves football and cricket but Willow Cottontail is always up to something, whether up a tree or down a hole, shes always in trouble.
  • 3 YEARS
  • 3-12 yrs
  • 150 CM
  • 200 CM
  • 55 CM
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