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Harry Potter at Hamleys!

  • Date: Now!

Calling all Witches and Wizards! Harry Potter is arriving at Hamleys on Regent Street! Our new Harry Potter area on our Lower Ground Floor will offer one of the largest assortments of Harry Potter products in the UK, mesmerising Toy Demonstrations, Photo Opportunities, Competitions and a Flying Golden Snitch! Be one of the first to join in the Fun, Magic and Theatre at the Finest Toy Shop in the World with Harry Potter at Hamleys. It truly is a must see this summer!


The Turbo Tumbler Battle Arena!

  • When and Where: Every day on the ground and 4th floors!

Battle it out with your friends in the Super Turbo Battle arenas in store. We have two in store so come find your arena on either the ground or 4th floor.

To make sure you have the advantage against your friend here’s a quick tip for you to perform wheelies: Run the car quickly forwards, and then suddenly reverse it. At the same time give a quick flick of the front wheels to the left or right. The car will flip back onto its small back wheel and will do wheelies in the air.

We hope to see you at the Turbo Tumbler Battle Arenas soon! #Hamleys

Watch a Drone Take Flight!

  • When and Where: Every day on the 4th floor!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Hamleys drone!

We have an amazing crew of experienced drone pilots in store demonstrating all the amazing skills and tricks they are capable of as they take to the skies of the 4th floor!

So, come and witness these awesome stunts take place! And if you ask nicely, they may even give you a few tips as to how you can do them yourself at home so you can become your very own master drone pilot.

Karaoke Machine In Store!

  • When and Where: Every day on the 2nd Floor!

Yes, that’s right, we do have a Lucky Voice karaoke machine in store waiting for you to come and sing your heart out. Whether you’re the next Elsa in the making and ready to LET IT GO, or the next big boyband, this is your moment!

The Finest Toy Shop in the World has never heard a voice like yours so come along today, take the mic and show the world what you’ve got!

Have a Luvley Day!

  • When and Where: Every day on the 2nd floor!

Have A Luvley Day at the Finest Toy Shop in the World!

Get involved in our exciting Luvley Boutique activities! Take part in one of our Glittertastic demonstrations, nail art, nail stamping and glittery body art. Strut down Regent Street and show everybody your best pose now you’ve been Luvleyfied!!

Unmissable Puppet Shows!

  • When and Where: Every day on the ground floor!
Did you know that Hamleys have a daily puppet show?
Well you do now!

Follow the adventures of Superchimp the craziest, cuddliest superhero in Hamleys Regent Street! Wouldn’t it be great to be a superhero? It’s a shame they don’t really exist…until now! And help Owlbert’s find the Lost Letter: A young student who dreams of being a great wizard meets a magic owl called Owlbert. Owlbert has a very special delivery – if only he could find the letter!

These are definitely not ones to be missed! Come to Hamleys today and witness a puppet show like no other.

Enjoy Scrumpalicious Snacks!

  • When and Where: Every day on the 5th Floor!

Make sure you visit the 5th floor of the finest toy shop in the world where you’ll find our Scrumpalicious Snack Shop filled with all the wonderful snacks you could imagine! Head to Shaketastic for award winning shake’s and smoothies! That’s all we sell, so they have to be the best, right?! Or if you want to see some sweets being made to store, go over to Spun Candy and witness their creations. If that’s not enough, you can visit Wafflemeister on the ground floor by the entrance for the best waffles in the world! “It’s Time to Get Your waffle on”

Sit back, relax and enjoy!See you soon!

Hamleys Daily Grand Opening!

  • Date: Monday - Friday 10:00; Saturday - 9:30am; Sunday - 12:00

How would you like to help Hamley and Hattie Bear open the most famous toy shop in the World? Every morning you can meet our loveable, huggable bears and join in the fun as we countdown to our grand opening! Don’t forget to take a selfie with Hamley and Hattie and share on social media with #Hamleys!

New LEGO Experience at Hamleys!

  • Date: Now!

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic LEGO brick, Hamleys and LEGO have built a brand new hangout for families and children on the 5th floor of our Regent Street store. Customers will be welcomed into the newly refurbished area by LEGO brick built Royal Guards. Children are free to explore, build, create and get hands on while surrounded by an extravaganza of building brick bustle!

New features include:

  • A hunt to find the LEGO crown jewels with the eminent Sherlock Holmes.
  • Upscaled LEGO London themed brick built models.
  • Minifigure Me! A new high-tech device that scans you, and figures out which LEGO Mini-figure you are.
  • A London park themed playground that offers families an opportunity to build LEGO together.
  • Bundles of exciting LEGO product.
  • Build, Make and Create at our brand new LEGO Build Stations.
  • Hamley & Hattie Bear Meet & Greet!

    • Date: Every day!
    • Time: Various times during the day!

    Come in every day for a chance to meet our loveable Hamley or Hattie bear! Don’t forget when you find them to take a selfie and share on social media with #hamleys!

    Join in the fun & high fives with everyone’s favourite bear!

    Additional Information: All Hamleys customers should expect queues at free events; customers should arrive early to avoid disappointment. Queues will be cut to ensure the event finishes on time. Activity times and dates may vary. Standard Hamleys T&C's apply.

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