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FurReal Rock-A-Too The Show Bird

Code: 479022
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    • The Rock-a-too, the Show Bird pet is here to entertain! With three modes of play, hes the perfect partner for a show thats full of songs, dances, and laughs. And with 50+ sound-and-motion combinations, hes ready to take over the stage. Of course, even a show-biz veteran likes to be petted and praised - pet his left cheek for a loveable response - and maybe even a kiss!
      With a spotlight-lovin pet like this, every days a chance to put on a show. Laugh at his kooky jokes, or join him in an original song-and-dance number. Create original comedy routines by recording fun phrases and playing them back with unpredictable results! The Rock-a-too, the Show Bird pet is a real star - and is sure to entertain wherever he goes!
      Requires 4 x AA batteries (demonstration batteries included).
      • 4 YEARS
      • 4 yrs+