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Hamleys only accepts products for sale that comply with current European legislation, directives and standards that conform to company quality standards.

What should you look for when buying toys?

CE Mark

The CE mark indicates that the toy conforms with the essential safety requirements of the European toy safety directive.


This symbol means ‘warning, do not give to children less than three years.


FSC CERTIFIED WOOD (Our Hamleys FSC retailer ID code is FSC-GBR-1095).
Hamleys makes buying responsibly produced toys easy with its new range of own brand wooden toys. Our FSC Toys are fun and eco-friendly, and only FSC certified wood has the mark of responsible forestry.


The Lion Mark can only be used by BTHA (British Toy and Hobby Association) members who have signed up to its strict Code of Practice. Safety in the design and manufacture of toys is the BTHA's highest priority and all members of the BTHA are required to adhere to the Code of Practice and ensure that all products conform to EN 71 and, where appropriate, EN 62115 (electrical toys). If the toy does not have a Lion Mark or the retailer is not a member of the Toy Retailer Association, please be aware of small parts, loose fur, ripped seams and sharp or rough edges.


Representing more than 75% of the toy trade, the Toy Retailers Association’s role is to
inform and advise Toy Retailer members on current and future legislation, ethical practices with respect to toy safety, retailer, consumer and employment rights. It acts as a watchdog and to ensure fair play for toy retailers and represents the toy retail sector on government panels and safety organisations in the UK.

How do I keep my play environment safe?
Age Ratings - never mix toys meant for children of different ages. It can be dangerous for younger children to get hold of toys that are too old for them.
The Toy Box - have a regular clear out of your toy box to check loose fur, ripped seams, sharp or rough edges, loose eyes, noses and broken parts that may cause choking. If you find broken or damaged toys, throw them away. Please don't pass them on - you may be handing on an accident to another parent's child.
Tidy up! - it may sound obvious, but toys left on the floor or the stairs can cause accidents for the entire family.
Cot toys – take string toys out of the cot when your baby is about five months old. Remove activity centres as soon as your baby can pull to stand.
Noisy toys – never allow children to hold noisy toys close to their ears or any other children’s ears - it can damage hearing.
Battery toys – always change all batteries at once. New batteries can cause old batteries to get dangerously hot.
Garden toys – fix garden toys over grass or soil, never concrete. Make sure there is plenty of room to walk around a swing to avoid being hit by the swing seat. Empty paddling pools after use and store them deflated or upside down.

For more information, please visit: www.btha.co.uk

Toy recalls
If you are worried that you have any of the recalled toys in your home, first remove them from the toy box, then please click on the links below. They will take you to the toy companies’ websites where you will find all the information you need:

Trading Standards recall website www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/cgi-bin/newslist.cgi?area=safe

European Rapid Alert System website listing all EU product recalls, you can search by calendar period or brand name. ec.europa.eu/consumers/dyna/rapex/rapex_archives_en.cfm

For Character Options please visit:
For RC2 please visit: www.recalls.rc2.com
For Mattel please visit: www.mattel.com/safety/
For Fisher Price please visit www.fisher-price.com/uk/help/customerservice.asp#safety

Recycle-more web site is for customers to search for waste recycling & collection sites, for which Hamleys is a sponsor. For more information, please visit:: www.recycle-more.co.uk

Toy Safety Enquiries
For your toy safety enquiries please email us with any questions.
If you require further details please our Customer Service team on 0844 855 2424 between 24hrs 7 days a week.

By Post: Hamleys Direct, 6th Floor, 2 Fouberts Place, London, United Kingdom, W1F 7PA.