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Playmobil Collectable Ranger And Hunter 9217

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    • The Sylvanian Families Tuxedo Cat Family Set includes Mason, Natalie, Lily and Rose figure!
      Mason is quiet and reliable, and is close to his family. On days off he likes to spend time going out shopping with his daughters or teaching tennis to his wife Natalie and other Sylvanians in the village. Natalie is very cheerful and active. She always follows the latest trends and loves to read fashion magazines.
      Lily is reliable just like her father, and is also good at sports. She is very close to her twin sister Rose although their personalities are very different. Rose is cheerful and pretty just like her mother. Her personality is different from her twin sister Lily, but their taste in fashion is similar and they often swap outfits.
      • 3 YEARS
      • 3-12 yrs