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You can spot a builder a mile-off – and it has nothing to do with how they take their tea. If your son or daughter likes to take things apart and reassemble them at their leisure, they might not be the disruptive little terror that you had them down for. Protective footwear at the ready Mum's and Dads, perhaps you’ve got yourself a budding builder…

Our online Build-It shop is where you’ll find all the Lego your little ones need to undertake the most serious construction projects (including the hotly sought Lego Star Wars and Lego Technic building sets). Lego architecture is the way forward! Not forgetting the ever-popular Playmobil construction toys, Playmobil sets and a selection of other creative building and construction toys that you will discover right here. Lego sets, Lego construction toys and building toys are a brilliant way of encouraging curiosity and developing a problem-solving mind through the amazing power of play.

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