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Hamleys Giant Pink Unicorn Soft Toy

Code: 138347
 £70.00     £35.00
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    • Whoop whoop!! Massive pink unicorn alert!! Because, well, why not? We dont need to justify this one. Nope. Not in the slightest,
      Do you believe in pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, enchanted little people at the end of the garden, pink unicorns? No? Thats probably because youre too old and havent had a recent sprinkling of Hamleys magic. Children are the greatest believers in the world and its with their wonderful and unfaltering imaginations that we power everything we do at Hamleys - partly in the hope that it will keep us young!
      This adorable and absolutely fantastically awesome supersized unicorn is the stuff of dreams - or just your average Wednesday afternoon if youre a kid!

      - Height: 77 CM
      - Width: 35 CM
      - Length: 110 CM
      • 2 YEARS
      • 2+
      • .2 CM
      • 5 CM
      • 6 CM

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