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Soft N Slo Fun Food Squishies Ultra Assortment

Code: 441956
  • in stock
    • Please note: This is an assortment pack. 1 will be supplied and picked at random. Colours and decorations may vary.
      Soft n Slo Squishies are the ultimate slow rising foam Squishies! Squeeze them, then watch them transform as they slowly rise! Super squeezable and collectable, Soft n Slo Squishies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with top quality and cool designs! Soft n Slo Squishies Fun Foods Ultra features HUGE fast food inspired squishies, like Hotdogs, Burgers, Tacos, Fries, and more!

      - Height: 28.5 CM
      - Width: 7.5 CM
      - Length: 23.5 CM
      • 8 YEARS
      • 8 yrs+