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LEGO City Coast Guard Head Quarters 60167

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    • Grab your binoculars and keep watch for trouble! Wait, a flare just went off out on the water, better check it out with the helicopter. Theres a stranded sailor hanging on the buoy, call out the coast guard ship to go get him. Oh no, theres a shark and an octopus circling the buoy! Rescue the sailor before they get any closer! Take him to the ship for a check up before you head home!
      The LEGO City Coast Guard Head Quarters 60167 includes 7 minifigures: 6 coast guard members (three shipmates, 2 helicopter crewmates, one headquarters crewmate) and a sailor, plus 2 animal figures: a shark and an octopus.
      • 6 YEARS
      • 6-12 yrs