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Luvley Magical Butterfly Tooth Chest

Code: 265025
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    • Luvley are specialists in all things pretty, colourful, sparkly and generally very, very fun and this Luvley Magical Butterfly Tooth Chest takes things to the next level!
      Has the tooth fairy ever forgotten to take your childs tooth on time? Dont fret, they arent alone it happens because the tooth fairy is so busy and tired. In an effort to make things a little easier on her, Luvley have come up with these beautiful and magical little chests.
      When your child loses a tooth, they simply place it in the chest before they go to bed and leave the chest somewhere easily accessible for the tooth fairy rummaging under pillows can be really hard work for tired fairies but these magical storage chests make it so much easier for them to find the tooth and leave a little something behind in its place.
      • 3 YEARS
      • 3 yrs +
      • 5 CM
      • 8 CM
      • 5.8 CM