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    • TOMY Plug & Play Bath Boatindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Plug & Play Bath Boat
      • Was: £16.00
      • Now: £12.80
    • Its all hands on deck with the TOMY Plug & Play Bath Boat!
      Wind up and sail along wherever you point the adjustable rudder. The TOMY Plug & Play Bath Boat features a squirting water cannon, a spinning drum and a water pourer. Swap the segments to create multiple boats.
      No batteries required

    • TOMY Hide & Squeak Eggsindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Hide & Squeak Eggs
      • Was: £8.00
      • Now: £6.40
    • Crack them open to reveal the brightly coloured press-and-cheep chicks. The TOMY Hide & Squeak Eggs are also a shape sorting game matching egg bases to the right shaped hole in the box. The TOMY Hide & Squeak Eggs are suitable for children aged 6 months and over.
      • 6 MONTHS

    • TOMY Do Re Mi Dolphinsindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Do Re Mi Dolphins
      • Was: £13.00
      • Now: £10.40
    • The TOMY Do Re Mi Dolphins will bring a smile to your little ones and have bath time ringing with hundreds of home-made tunes. Link the rings together in a circle and play a matching game, dropping each dolphin into its coloured ring. Then tap each dolphin to hear a different note. Rearrange the dolphins in different sequences and play your own songs over

    • TOMY Toomies Sort & Pop Spinning UFOindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Toomies Sort & Pop Spinning UFO
      • Was: £18.00
      • Now: £14.40
    • Shapes to sort, then watch them pop! I love to spin and surprise you! Press my spaceship and watch me blast off into the sky as I spin to the top. See if you can sort my 5 different shapes. Toomies love to have fun: Its at the heart of everything we do. Were full of little surprises that will delight you and your child because we know memories are formed

    • TOMY Pic N Popindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Pic N Pop
      • Was: £20.00
      • Now: £16.00
    • The TOMY Pic n Pop is a unique and fun popper unit that gets toddlers on the move! One click of the button launches a colourful ball from the chute, then simply walk over the ball with the popper, and it magically picks up the ball, ready to launch again. The TOMY Pic n Pop is suitable for children aged 18 months and over.

    • TOMY Foam Cone Factoryindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Foam Cone Factory
      • Was: £17.00
      • Now: £13.60
    • Bath times will soon be more like a visit to the seaside. Thats because customers are queuing up at the TOMY Foam Cone Factory. This clever unit pops onto any bathroom wall or the sides of your tub with its suction pads and only needs a little bubble bath and water to operate. Kids can concoct their own pretend ice creams simply by dripping a few drops

    • TOMY Toomies Paddling Puppyindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Toomies Paddling Puppy
      • Was: £11.00
      • Now: £8.80
    • Paddling Puppy from TOMY really loves to splash and row. Watch as the oars dip into the surf either side of the dinghy! To get started, simply give his winder a few turns, then watch and listen as your little one laughs and giggles with every row. Cute and loveable, he makes its way round and round the bath tub. Specially designed for use in water and

    • TOMY Quack Along Ducksindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Quack Along Ducks
      • Was: £14.00
      • Now: £11.20
    • The TOMY Quack Along Ducks are a great way to encourage play, to develop your babys early skills.The TOMY Quack Along Ducks is suitable for children aged 10 months and over
      Requires 3 x LR44 batteries (included).
      • 10 MONTHS
      • 10

    • TOMY Colour Discovery Hot Air Ballonindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Colour Discovery Hot Air Ballon
      • Was: £23.00
      • Now: £18.40
    • Let your little ones imagination take flight with the Tomy Colour Discovery Hot Air Ballon. Play colour and shape matching games using the interactive balloon thats got all the right answers! Scatter the seven colourful animal tiles around the floor and go looking for one of the colours. Ask your child to call out the colour then land the balloon on the

    • TOMY Jumbos Jamboreeindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Jumbos Jamboree
      • Was: £20.00
      • Now: £16.00
    • Its party time whenever the Jumbo Jamboree rolls into town! This clever little elephant on wheels will roll merrily along playing a happy tune, with toddlers following in his wake to get a better look at all his lively colours. But Jumbo has an extra trick up his trunk. Pull him apart into seven pieces and you have an orchestra on your hands! His trunk

    • TOMY Octopalsindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Octopals
      • Was: £15.00
      • Now: £12.00
    • Bath time is never boring with Octopals. This interactive, floating bath island toy is great for toddlers who want to have fun in the tub and learn something too. Features a mummy octopus that acts as a sieve and pouring cup, and her 8 little babies that you can stick to the sides of the bath or tiles. Each baby is a water squirter and features a different

    • TOMY Push N Go Assortmentindicator20offyellow
    • TOMY Push N Go Assortment
      • Was: £9.00
      • Now: £7.20
    • Please note: This is an assortment pack. 1 will be supplied and picked at random. Colours and decorations may vary. The TOMY Push n Go Assortment is a great way to encourage play, to develop your babys early skills. These chunky vehicles that zip along when you push down the drivers head, encourage cooperation and promote muscle development. The TOMY Push

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