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Fuggler Deluxe 12-Inch Soft Toy Assortment

Code: 510768
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    • Please note: This is an assortment pack. 1 will be supplied and picked at random. Colours and decorations may vary.
      Adopting a Fuggler may be the worst mistake you ever make. Fugglers are mischievous and misunderstood creatures with unpredictable personalities. If you decide to adopt a Fuggler, sleep with your mouth closed and one eye open. With smiles lined with realistic human-like teeth, Fugglers are always trying to collect more chompers - maybe from your mouth! Make eye contact with a Fuggler and youll find a pair of mismatched button eyes staring back. Even worse, you may find a pair of bulbous eyeballs, complete with squinty eyelids, looking up at you. If thats not enough, the weirdness continues: Deluxe soft toy Fugglers measure 12 inches tall and come in all kinds of strange shapes and sizes. Lanky arms, stubby arms, pointy ears, claws - Fugglers are weird from giant head to tiny toe. Flip them over and youll even find a signature BUTTonhole, sewn onto their...well, you know. If you choose to ignore this warning and bring home a Fuggler, use the adoption certificate enclosed within to register and name your mischievous creature. With over 10 Deluxe Fugglers roaming around, there are lots of weirdos to collect - adopt at your own risk! Fugglers are for everyone aged 4 and above with weird taste.

      - Height: 31.75 CM
      - Width: 7.9 CM
      - Length: 30.48 CM
      • 3 YEARS
      • 4 yrs+

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