Our Communities

At Hamleys we commit regularly to a variety of charitable initiatives. We also believe in ensuring our toys are sourced in a responsible manner and continually review ways of positively affecting the global environment our children are growing up in.

Our Charities

We support a number of charities on an annual basis, helping to raise awareness of their cause through in store events.

We encourage our employees to become involved in their local community i.e. donations through work based events and administering payroll giving facilities.

Email charities@hamleys.co.za if you have a charity you want us to get involved in.


The best way to re-cycle, like Andy in Toy Story 3, is to pass your toy on to another child. However we do realise this may not be possible when a toy comes to the end of it's natural life, and that packaging and batteries will always need to be disposed of responsibly.

We are constantly monitoring our processes and are always looking for ways in which we can improve.

At Hamleys we are dedicated to taking toys and play time very seriously, so that no one else has to.