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 Fun and Experiment with Professor Bubbles

Fun and Experiment with Professor Bubbles

  • Date: Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 and Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 March
  • Time: 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 & 16:30 (12:00 will not take place on Sunday)
  • Location: Hamleys Lakeside

Everyone's favourite whacky professor is making a return to Hamleys for Science Week and we couldn't be more excited.

Coming straight from the lab, Professor Bubbles has been experimenting with the wildest creations and has perfected one just to show you all! Sit back, relax and watch Professor Bubbles create a volcanic eruption using chemical reactions and stretching children's imaginations with Hamleys 6-in-1 Super Science Kits.

If you miss the eruption, you'll be able to find Professor Bubbles at the front of store, doing what he does best... Blowing Bubbles! Find the Professor at 16:30 for your chance to take part in the HAMLEYS BIGGEST, BESTEST BUBBLE CHALLENGE for a chance to win instant prizes.