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    • Dont Lose Your Cool Game indicator25offred
    • Dont Lose Your Cool Game
      • Was: £32.00
      • Now: £24.00
    • Inspired by viral challenges that have gathered billions of views across the Internet, this game tests ones ability to remain calm under pressure. Players wear the Cool-O-metre unit that measures heart rate, and the opposing team rolls the dice that will determine how theyll try to get a player to get flustered. For example, opponents might have to get up close to the player and sniff them, or mak…more
    • Hot Tub High Dive Game indicator25offred
    • Hot Tub High Dive Game
      • Was: £35.00
      • Now: £26.25
    • Watch out for the flying foam! Pour the included demo bubble solution into the tub unit, spin the spinner, then press the big red button the number of times shown to send the diver up or down the ladder. Every press of the button increases the amount of foam in the tub. Once the diver reaches the top of the ladder, he will fall into the tub, launching a ball of suds at the unlucky player. The only…more
    • Speech Breaker Game indicator25offred
    • Speech Breaker Game
      • Was: £32.00
      • Now: £24.00
    • Can you overcome the voice-jamming challenge? Youre reporting live from the scene! Put on the game headset, talk into the microphone, and get your teammates to guess who/what/where without saying any of the words on the cards. Whats the catch? The microphone jams your speech with a built-in delay. As you talk, youll hear your delayed voice through the game headset, making it harder to speak clearl…more
    • Toilet Trouble Flushdown Game indicator25offred
    • Toilet Trouble Flushdown Game
      • Was: £25.00
      • Now: £18.75
    • Who will be the first player to get splashed with a spray of water? Toilet Trouble Flushdown Game is a fast-paced kids game in which players race to spin their rolls of toilet paper the fastest to spray their opponent. The player who avoids getting sprayed with water wins! The game makes a great birthday gift for kids 4 and up, or a silly game to play and pass at parties, playdates, and sleepovers…more
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