Hamleys Teaching Clock
Hamleys Teaching Clock

Recommended Age:18 mths-5 yrs    Minimum Age: 18 mths

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Emma's Diary - Mum Review
I have a range of children who have used the colourful clock. It’s a wonderful clock, bright and chunky.18mths – Millie was drawn to the clock of her own accord due to it being so brightly coloured. She is just starting to be interested in puzzles so this was a perfect new puzzle for her to play with. She found it very easy to take out and replace the numbers/shapes. Although she cannot yet count, she was pretending to count, she is very vocal! She obviously does not know how to tell the time or even what the concept of a clock is but through this toy I am sure she will be able to learn, she has already shown an interest in it. It is very good for early learning and for the early stages of hand-eye co-ordination, chunky pieces to hold and to fit into place. 3yrs – Ciya played with the clock for quite a long time, every time she went to it. She can count very well and recognised the printed numbers as they are very clear on each piece. She then carried on playing by grouping together the pieces of same shades of colour. She took all of the numbers out and enjoyed replacing them. For early learning this toy for Ciya is perfect, big enough numbers, clearly marked out,
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colourful and the hands move with ease around the clock face, different shapes for each number to learn. The pieces fit the board very well. Ciya found different activities to do with this one puzzle.5yrs – Oskar who is just learning how to use a clock face, was not particularly interested in the puzzle side of the clock but moved the hands around to show the ‘hour’ time. I found it easy to continue his learning by using the clock to show him the next stages of counting minutes – quarter past, half past and quarter to the hour. Asking ‘the big hand is pointing to 12 and the little hand at 10 – what time is it?’ This is a very good tool to use to teach the time as the pieces are clearly marked out and it’s a good size to use the hands around the clock face. Oskar says he likes the clock because he can count the numbers around the circle!
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  • Not suitable for children under 18 months of age.
  • This product requires adult supervision, please do not leave babies or children unattended.
  • Please remove and discard all packaging materials before giving this product to a child.
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