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Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers are expected to support Hamleys by maintaining appropriate Quality Management Systems (ISO9001 or similar) to ensure they provide products which consistently comply with all relevant legislation, directives, standards as well as limiting environmental impacts.

Hamleys suppliers must demonstrate that they are not exploiting workers or using child or forced labour in factories. Our suppliers / factories must employ workers of the permitted minimum age of that region (children of school age are not permitted to work) and workers must be paid at least the minimum wage for the region/country in which they work. Factories must have adequate working environment conditions, health and safety controls, fire exits and evacuations plans and adequate accommodation (if provided) for the workers in their region/country.

Our office in Hong Kong actively assists our Asian suppliers to meet these requirements by performing factory audits and providing mutually agreed improvement plans if deemed necessary.

We are constantly monitoring our processes and are always looking for ways in which we can improve.

At Hamleys we are dedicated to taking toys and play time very seriously, so that no one else has to.