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Construction Toy Sets

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Your little one will love role-playing and enjoy assembling building blocks into vehicles, cities, animals, favourite characters, such as Pikachu, T-Rex, and more! These toys from Hamleys are easy to build and come with clear instructions that help guide your children. Along with inspiring creativity, these construction toys can help your children understand the concept of building and engineering. These construction toy sets from other brands are budget-friendly, making them ideal gifts on holidays and birthdays.

And, these toys come in several different colours, shapes, and sizes, with tools that make it easy to assemble them and secure them. With just a few bolts and snaps, your children can lock these construction toys together and keep building a house or different characters. They will help extend your children’s ideas and imagination. This is wonderful hands-on learning as it allows them to reflect on what they are doing by posing questions, testing ideas, and making decisions.

There are plenty of construction toys available for you to choose from, so you can explore them and determine which one your children will enjoy the most. What’s more, you can browse toys for all ages here, right from 1-2 years , 3-4 years , 5-6 years , 7-9 years , to an older age .

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