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Plush Figures & Puppets Toys

Introduce your tiny toddler to the world of plush toys and puppets and make them more curious and creative! From hand puppets and sock puppets to finger puppets and animal puppets, we at Hamleys have you covered.

Playing with puppets will not only introduce your children to role-play and get them excited but also help develop their speaking as well as listening skills. With these puppets, your child can have a dialogue in less than a minute, regardless of how shy or outgoing they are. Through these puppets, you can see them express their feelings and emotions so vividly. There are a variety of toys available for every age group, including 1-2 years , 3-4 years , 5-6 years , 7-9 years and older age.

You can explore plush figures, puppets, and other engaging toys from brands, such as Hamleys , Peppa Pig , Toy Story, and more. Let your children expand their massive collection of fun and interactive toys with our wide selection of classic soft toys and other animal soft toys . You will not be disappointed with our Hot Deals !

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