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Remote Control Toys & Robots

Toys with Smart Controls!
Take your little one’s fun and entertainment to a whole new level by introducing them to the world of racing cars, smart controlled toys, cars, and trucks. In addition to helping children develop spatial intelligence and awareness skills, these toys also help promote responsible behaviour.

These robots and toys come in all shapes, sizes, and forms and are built with cutting-edge technology. From sports cars, rock crawlers, Hot Wheels remote control car, monster trucks, fighter drones, viper drones to playful learning robots, the list of these smart-controlled toys for your kids is endless. You can browse toys for all ages here, right from 3-4 years, 5-6 years, 7-9 years, to older ages.

Fun and thrilling, these toys and cool cars move forward, go reverse, turn right, or left, with just a few clicks or controls. These toys also come with fascinating light and sound effects to keep your children happily engaged for hours at a stretch. Using the remote control, your kids will also learn cause-and-effect play and discover what buttons make the car or other smart toys go in each direction.

What’s more, lots of other such new cars and toys that you find at Action Toys & Vehicles can act as an icebreaker between your kids and their friends. In this way, they can share their tips and tricks and learn to take turns while happily playing together!

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