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Hamleys Standing Amethyst Bear

Code: 101261
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    • A touch of the regal about her, Amethyst stands tall and rocks a purple ribbon with more majesty than weve ever seen - just dont ask her about her past, she doesnt want to talk about it and, whatever the rumours might say, shes never touched a drop of marmalade in her life.
      Amethyst Bear is part of Hamleys soft toy teddy bear collection. Every bear in our range has been carefully designed to look adorable, give the best hugs of any teddy bear - EVER - and encourage childrens early imaginations.
      Our bears are real keepers and make fantastic gifts but choosing a favourite is not an easy task - best make a cup of tea and get comfortable.
      The Hamleys Standing Amethyst Bear is suitable for children aged 3 years and over.
      • 12 YEARS
      • 0+
      • 27 CM
      • 1 CM
      • 20 CM