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Hamleys Summer Adventure Party!

  • Date: Various
  • Time: 11:30am - 5.00pm
  • Where: Hamleys Party Room!

You can now enjoy an exclusive party as part of the Hamleys Summer Adventure!

Join the Hamleys Adventurers as they turn the music up and create a fun filled party with mini competitions and activities. It will be an hour full of fun games, disco and karaoke, nail painting and glitter tattoos, cookies from Millies and scrummy sweets!

Everyone will meet at the Party Room where the fun will begin! Before the children leave they will receive a Hamleys Adventure passport, balloons, stickers and adventure certificate. Download our PDF HERE for full information of this event and our terms and conditions.

Let the Adventure begin at the Finest Toy Shop in the World! Dates available: Saturday 19th July, Saturday 26th July, Friday 8th August. BOOK NOW!

Hamleys Summer Adventure!

  • Date: Monday 30th June – Sunday 10th August 2014
  • Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm
  • Where: Around the Hamleys Toy Shop

Your adventure awaits you this summer as Hamleys Glasgow invites all young explorers out there to Imagine, Explore, Create and Discover wonders at The Finest Toy Shop in The World. We will be taking you on a different adventure every week, from Safari to Sports, Superhero to Pirates!

Join in the fun as we take you on a different adventure each week:

  • 30th June - 4th July 2014: Pirate and Princess Week
  • 7th July - 11th July 2014: Safari Week
  • 14th July - 18th July 2014: Superhero Week
  • 21st July - 25th July 2014: The Hamleys Games
  • 28th July - 1st August 2014: Toys Come To Life
  • 4th August - 8th August 2014: Teddy Bears Picnic

Feel free to come along each week dressed up in costume and take part in storytelling, themed tours throughout the store, a performance each day from the Hamleys Entertainment Team and to finish off each day…a party with dancing, games and on the spot prizes!

This is going to be a summer to remember!

Toys Come To Life!

  • Date: Monday 28th July – Friday 1st August 2014
  • Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm
  • Where: Around Hamleys Toy Shop

Have you ever wondered what happens when the lights go out at Hamleys? The toys come to life! For one week only see the toys come to life before your very eyes!

12pm-12:45pm – Join the Toy Soldiers and Rag Dolls as they tell you the story of how they came to life from the Toy Box and made their way to Hamleys.

1pm-1:30pm – Make your way to the Hamleys stage above the food court with the Toy Soldiers and Rag Dolls as they perform with Hamley Bear, and you can join in too!

2pm-2:45pm – The Toy Soldiers and Rag Dolls enjoy a game of hide and seek with Hamley Bear, but they need your help to find him somewhere in the store.

3pm-3:45pm – Join in the fun with party games, a disco and lots of activities and prizes!

Disney’s Planes 1 Screening!

  • Date: Wednesday 6th August 2014
  • Time: 12.00pm - 4.00pm
  • Where: Hamleys Party Room

To celebrate the release of Disney’s Planes 2: Fire and Rescue we remind ourselves just why we love world famous air racer Dusty and his courageous air attack team with our screening of Planes! Join us in the Hamleys Party Room to relive the adventures of Dusty and his fuel truck friend Chug as they train for qualifiers for the Wings Across The Globe Race.

We’re also giving you the opportunity to see clips of Dusty’s next adventure in the new Planes 2: Fire and Rescue! Dusty joins forces with veteran fire and rescue helicopter blade ranger and his courageous air attack team. Together, the fearless team battles a massive wildfire, and Dusty learns what it takes to become a true hero.

You can learn how to create your own wings by using your imagination and creativity. We will give you a set of wings to colour in with your own design and then take home with you!

Learn how to create your own wings. Check out some of the brand new toys and you’ll also have the chance to take home some fantastic goody bags and prizes! We’ll even throw in some popcorn FREE of charge! Check out his next adventure in Cinemas 8th August 2014!

*Additional information: All customers should expect queues at this event. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Queues will be cut to ensure the event finishes at the time stated above. Activities are created to suit a wide age range, although some activities may only be suitable for certain age groups.

Teddy Bear Picnic!

  • Date: Monday 4th August – Friday 8th August 2014
  • Time: 12.00pm – 4.00pm
  • Where: Around Hamleys Toy Shop

As the summer holidays come to an end why not come in and enjoy a Teddy Bears Picnic. The only problem is that you will need to find it first!

12pm-12:45pm – Join Goldilocks and friends as they tell you different fairy tales through theatre, songs, puppetry and more!

1pm-1:30pm – Make your way to the Hamleys stage above the food court where for a performance with Hamley Bear, and you can join in too!

2pm-2:45pm – Follow Goldilocks and friends through the store to find out where the Teddy Bear picnic is, so that you can join Hamley Bear and his friends. But watch out for the Big Bad Wolf!

3pm-3:45pm – Join the Teddy Bear Picnic and have fun with party games, a disco and lots of activities with prizes!

Meet Peppa Pig at Hamleys!

  • Date: Sunday 10th August 2014
  • Time: 12.00pm - 3.30pm
  • Where: In-Store

As Peppa Pig celebrates her 10th anniversary of Muddy Puddles, everyone’s favourite little piggy will be visiting Hamleys toy shops all across the UK! You and your friends can join us for this exclusive event and enjoy the fun, magic and theatre at the finest toy shop in the world!

This event is completely FREE! Make sure you bring your camera as this is a memory you will want to re-live again and again. Peppa Pig will be available for photographs for 40 mins at a time. Appearance times: 12 noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.

Please go to the Competitions Page for your chance to win this fantastic prize!

Muddy Puddles Treasure Hunt!

  • Date: Sunday 10th August 2014
  • Time: 12.00pm - 4.00pm
  • Where: In-Store

Hamleys have teamed up with your favourite little piggy this summer to celebrate 10 Years of Muddy Puddles! Visit Hamleys to take part in Peppa’s fun filled Treasure Hunt around the store and see if you can help Peppa find what she’s looking for. Oink oink! Pick up your answer sheets in store to start your Peppa adventure!

Barbie is visiting Hamleys Glasgow!

  • Date: Sunday 17th August 2014
  • Time: 12.00pm - 4.00pm
  • Where: Hamleys Stage

It's every Barbie fans' dream to meet their favourite doll in real life! Hamleys are giving you the opportunity of a lifetime to do just that! Come and meet Barbie right here at The Finest Toy Shop in the World!

Barbie will be available for photographs in Hamleys Stage on Sunday 17th August, from 12 – 4pm. Venture Photography will be on hand to take professional pics. All pictures are FREE and will be posted on Hamleys Glasgow Facebook page. Feel free to take your own photos as well!

Not only that but we are also giving you a once in a lifetime chance to have an exclusive Tea Party with Barbie in our exclusive Party Room! Visit our Competitions page to find out how you can join in the fun!

*Barbie will not be available to meet fans beyond 4pm. We expect the event to be busy which will result in the queue being cut to ensure we finish at 4pm.*

Optimus Prime Truck & Character visit!

  • Date: Saturday 25th October 2014
  • Time: 11.00am – 4.00pm
  • Where: St Enoch Centre and Hamleys Stage

Optimus Prime is on tour this year and Hamleys are giving you chance to see everyone’s favourite Autobot at the finest toy shop in the world! If you are a Transformers fan there is nothing better than seeing Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, come to life with a full-scale replica truck. The truck will be situated just outside St Enoch Centre. Full details to follow soon.

When you come inside to Hamleys you will get to meet Optimus Prime Transformed! Have a photograph with taken with your favourite Transformer in the Hamleys stage area!

The Hamleys Racing Academy!

  • Date: All Year Round
  • Time: 12pm – 4pm
  • Where: Around the Hamleys Toy Shop

Come and join the Hamleys Racing Mechanics in a host of FREE activities throughout the year, where you can try your hand at racing some of the fastest remote control cars around! Take part in the Hamleys Grand Prix, Beat the Best and the Hamleys Wall Racer time trial and more!

So fuel your cars, test your oil levels and start your engines and put the pedal to the metal as you become part of the Hamleys Racing Academy.

Hamleys Snaps - Venture Photography!

  • Date: Various
  • Time: 12pm – 4pm
  • Where: Hamleys Escalator Entrance

Venture Photography are joining Hamleys on a Summer Adventure to offer a free mini photo shoot for your child. They will be in store during the Hamleys Character visits and special events where we will be offering a professional shoot with the Characters. These shoots are free of charge although a small donation to the relevant charity would be welcome. Children under 16 will require a parental/model consent form to be signed and must be accompanied by an adult. Pictures will be uploaded to the Hamleys & Venture Facebook sites where you will be able to print off your picture at no cost.

Hamleys Snaps will take place every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer.

DOHVINCI Workshops at Hamleys!

  • Date: Wednesday 30th July – Friday 1st August 2014
  • Time: Various Times
  • Where: In-Store

Now Creativity Pops off the Page with NEW DOHVINCI art and design kits; an entirely new art experience! Featuring an ALL-NEW design compound and an innovative Styler tool, the creative experience is highly intuitive, enjoyable, unique and completely engrossing for kids of all ages! Simply pop your favourite colour into the Styler and squeeze to easily create your own beautiful 3D art designs.

Visit Hamleys this summer and watch as we bring DOHVINCI to life with live demonstrations, give aways, competitions and an extra special interactive workshop! With DOHVINCI the creative possibilities are endless!

Meet Father Christmas at Hamleys!

  • Date: Saturday 29th – Wednesday 24th December 2014
  • Time: TBC
  • Where: Hamleys Party Room

Join in the Christmas magic at Hamleys, Glasgow this Christmas by having Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, or Tea with Father Christmas!

This exclusive event allows your child to have an interactive Christmas experience. Hamleys team of loveable helper Elves will be on hand to ensure your child has as much Christmas fun as possible! With scrumptious food, entertainment, arts and crafts, cookie decorating, music, singing, dancing and much more this is an occasion to cherish with your little one. Join us for an hour of Christmas magic as we create memories that will last a lifetime! Places available from September 2014.

Have a Hamleys Birthday Party!

  • Date: Your Birthday!
  • Time: Party Time!
  • Where: Hamleys Party Room!

This year why not treat your little one to their dream Party at the The Finest Toy Shop in the World!

Choose from a range of Party themes including Pirate and Princess, Super Heroes, Teddy bears Picnic and much more. The fun, magic and theatre begins as soon as you walk through our doors as you are joined by the Hamleys Entertainment Team for a fun filled Party!

For more information on each of the different parties and how to book Click here


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