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Terms and Conditions


Hamleys London



Online, on Zoom Webinar

To safegaurd health and not promote large gatherings at one place. 



Sunday, 7th of January 2022



The duration of the show will be 60 mins. it till take place between 5pm to 6 pm. Please ensure you log in into your zoom 5 mins before.  

*See https://www.hamleys.com/magic-event for specific times and dates.


How do I book?

Online at https://www.hamleys.com/magic-event


When can I book?

Tickets can be booked from Tuesday 30th November 2021. Bookings must be made and paid for in advance.


How do I join the Zoom webinar ?

Please use the link sent via the confirmation email 48 hours prior to the event. You can use the link to join from one device only. 

To join the Zoom webinar a zoom account must be created before hand with a valid email ID. 

Regiter on zoom for free :



How much does it cost?

£20.00 allows joining into the zoom link from only one device. 

To stream on additional devices,  you must purchase an additional ticket.

Bookings must be made and paid for in advance.


How long will I be in the Zoom Webinar for?

The workshop is 60 mins long. If you however decide to leave early there will be no refund.


Am I allowed to bring more people than I booked for?

You can log in into the Marvin's Magic Workshop using a zoom link valid only for one device.  If you want to group together with your family/friends at one location and stream the show on one device it is a personal decision.


What age is it for?

The Marvin's Magic Show for Hamleys London suits ages 6+ years.


Are parents/guardians necessary ?

It is a kids friendly workshop so no parents/guardians are required to be present. However if any parent/guardian wishes to watch the Marvin's Magic workshop with the child they are welcome to do so.


What does this event include?

In this hour long, online workshop, one of Marvin’s professional magicians will perform and teach a series of incredible magic tricks.

Marvin Berglas (the creator of Marvin’s Magic), will also make a special appearance to share top tips and secrets.

All participants will also receive a discount code on Marvin’s Magic products at Hamleys.com


Terms & Conditions


Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking your ticket(s). By purchasing ticket(s) for Marvin's Magic Workshop at Hamleys you & your child(s) are agreeing to comply with our Terms and Conditions. The welfare and safety of all children remain the full responsibility of the parent/guardian and not of Hamleys staff. 



The Marvin's Magic Workshop at Hamleys London is tailored for children aged 6+ years. Bookings must be made by someone over 18. Please note anyone who is not booked to attend Marvin's Magic Workshop will not get a unique zoom link and will be unable to join. One £20.00 ticket grants zoom link to be streamed on one device. 



Since the Zoom event can only host 400 people, pre- booking your slot translates confirm attendence of show.  Hamleys would not be able to process any refunds. If  you wish to leave the zoom session earlier than show duration there will be no refunds offered.



In light of the current situation with COVID-19 Hamleys will continue to monitor and assess the requirements and guidelines, notice of any cancellation will be provided to the booking contact. If Hamleys is required to cancel the Marvin's Magic Workshop, a full hassle-free refund for the cost of your session will be given. This does not include any travel costs or other loss incurred.  We reserve the right to postpone or cancel the Marvin's Magic Workshop due to unforeseen circumstances.



Once you have completed your booking you will receive a confirmation email 40 hours prior to the event with a joining link. You must use this same link to join the zoom show on the date of the show. We will retain your information and any data for the period of 3 years (herewith called as Retention period) necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. The data will be deleted from our system post this retention period.



£20.00 allows joining Marvin's Magic Workshop on one device. This is the minimum order.

To add additional devices you must purchase an additional ticket of £20.00.



At the end of the workshop a discount code will be given to the attendees. There will be one discount code for one device only.

This code can be used to avail £15.00 off on selected Marvin’s Magic products sold at Hamleys.



Please use the link sent via the confirmation email. You can use the link to join from one device only. 

To join the Zoom webinar a zoom account must be created before hand with a valid email ID. 

Register on zoom for free now :




You are welcome to take photos and videos when you login for the show. Please note that any photos can only be for personal use and not commercial use. 



Hamleys reserve the right to change the order of events on the Marvin's Magic Workshop. Whilst we will always provide a fun range of creative and imaginative activities for children, we reserve the right to vary the range of activities, according to unforeseen circumstances. In addition by attending the Marvin’s Magic Workshop at Hamleys attendees agree that their data will be shared with Zoom. 



We endeavour to provide the best possible experience at Hamleys. Please contact us via our customer service helpdesk hamleys.com/contact-us if you would like to discuss your experience at Hamleys. Please discuss with us on the day where possible or contact us within a week of your visit. We regret that we may not be able to respond to your enquiry outside of this timeframe and we can only deal with feedback that is put in writing.



We will not be liable for any injuries, loss of personal possessions, other losses or damage of any kind. This is due to the fact that all children are under the supervision of parents/ guardians throughout the visit. We will not be liable or responsible for cancellation due to an event outside our control e.g. severe weather conditions, fire, flood, terrorist attack, and unexpected black out, electricity failure. If this happens, we will attempt to provide an alternative visiting time for you, but this cannot be guaranteed.