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Hamleys x The Ritz London Christmas Grotto: A New Journey Through Christmas


That’s right! Hamleys x The Ritz London Christmas Grotto is returning for the second consecutive year, with a mission to spread joy and magic to families this festive season.

Since Father Christmas and his trusty elves last left The Ritz, they’ve been in the Christmas spirit to create something even more magical for 2023. This year’s theme of ‘A New Journey Through Christmas’ will take place over two thematic rooms to mesmerise everyone, where children will have the chance to talk all things Christmas with their House Elf, and take part in jolly Elf fun and games, ahead of their meeting with Father Christmas himself. Every child will depart with a gift, to continue the magic at home.


Father Christmas will be arriving on Wednesday 6th December and will stay at The Ritz London until Sunday 10th December before he has to deliver all of your presents.


Meet one of the Hamleys elves at The Ritz London entrance where they will take you to the start of your magical Christmas Grotto experience.


There is something for everyone in this magical Christmas experience, and best suited for ages 2 to 10.

How Much?

£250 for entry of 3 people into the Hamleys x The Ritz London Christmas Grotto. This is the minimum order for these dates and will apply for smaller groups. To add additional people to your group, you must purchase an additional guest ticket for £75.00 per person (applicable for all ages).

Further details:

At least one adult must be present in each booking of up to 6 people. For more information and to read our Terms and Conditions, click here.